About Us

Towels Manufacturer and Exporter in India

With an impressive legacy spanning over 35 years in the textile industry, Vertex Textile Industries  has emerged as a distinguished name. Situated in Solapur, Maharashtra, our company stands as a leading force with a substantial production capacity, meticulously nurtured by our dedicated workforce.

Path To Excellence

Our journey was set with the aspiration to ascend as industry leaders, a goal that we have triumphantly achieved. Our success story is woven through the remarkable synergy of cutting-edge machinery and a team of highly skilled artisans.

At Vertex Textile Industries, our journey from inception to eminence has been shaped by dedication, innovation, and a commitment to delivering excellence in every thread. Our legacy in the textile industry resonates with the keywords “Terry towel manufacturers in India” and “Top 10 terry towel manufacturers in India,” solidifying our stature as leaders in the field.

Towel Manufacturer and Exporter in India
Towel Manufacturer and Exporter in India

Our Products

With an extensive journey in production spanning numerous years, we take pride in crafting top-tier towel fabrics that stand out in the market. Our expertise shines through in various fabric offerings, catering to a range of needs. From beach towels to cabana towels and kitchen towels, our repertoire covers it all. We possess an impressive production capacity for fabrics destined for embroidered and kitchen towels, showcasing our versatility and dedication.


A Premier Player in the Market

As distinguished producers, we hold a prime position within the industry. Our credentials speak volumes, allowing us to transcend geographical boundaries beyond India. Each item that leaves our manufacturing unit is imbued with intrinsic value, a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Name of FounderMr. A.V.Bingi
Year of Establishment1986
Nature of BusinessManufacturer, Exporter & Supplier
Number of Employees100+
Market CoveredDomestic & International
Towel Manufacturer and Exporter in India